Artist Statement

I need to make things. I want to look back at my life and not regret. Focusing my attention is a daily struggle. But when I sit down and start making pots, I am completely present in the task at hand.


            They're asking more than they're telling


Whenever I plan a long trip, it terrifies me that I may not be able to bring some of my favourite cups and bowls along. For me, they are the kind of friends that I turn to when I feel at “the end of things” – when I want to go home, when I'm so tired that I want to fall asleep standing. I pick them up, look at their decoration and see how they've responded to the heat, the atmosphere, the environment of the kiln. They're asking more than they're telling. 


            Put down one piece of a puzzle, another space appears


Looking at an object in a museum I always wonder to myself, How is that possible? What appears to be simple at first glance requires so much study and practice to understand. It's fascinating to anticipate an endless supply of exploration. Spending days and nights working on a project where all your skills are tested - then leaving the pot to serendipity. When the kiln door is closed, I know that magic is taking place. The kiln offers challenges and accidents and you can only hope for a kiss, a blush, a moment frozen in time for another mystery to be discovered.


            Play and try and love and fail and succeed


Out-of-control-control. Life is a journey - I am privileged to choose my road and whatever that choice is, it will mean another road not taken. I listen to what's being said, I ignore advice, say nothing, say something, dream big until dreams are a reality. I keep dreaming.


            Close your eyes, Wake up wanting